Doodles on the Margin

(The Sketches and Artwork of A.E. McGuire)

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So here’s a little teaser video of what I’ve been doing EVERY NIGHT since I came up with the concept. This is the video my little Fuji point and shoot crapped out on. Thankfully, it got enough to see me start to light the paper. Unfortunately I can’t find my charger at the moment. I can be a bit of a messy person when it comes to my own room. It’s the one place I allow my messy tendencies to run free!

I’ve found this process to be extremely therapeutic. I feel that fire is my element and to release my questions into the universe through the flames and ashes is the best way for them to reach it. I’ve been working on trying to find the answer to this question and I really do believe that by being proactive about it, the universe will answer in kind. You just have to be open to it.

What am I working on? Just trying to figure out WHERE I’m meant to be at this point in my life, geographically. I’ll work on the what I’m supposed to be doing later, but figuring out the where is the most pertinent question at this point is my goal.

Tips for burning your questions! Do it OUTSIDE! It’s okay to use MULTIPLE matches to make sure it’s properly burned. Burn 1 question at a time and do this ever night until you reach your answer. You also have to work for it… can’t just expect the universe to hand you the answer!

I will film another video of the full process when I find my fricken charger! Cheers! ~A.E.

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