Doodles on the Margin

(The Sketches and Artwork of A.E. McGuire)

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Brought out the paint box recently and am working on a small canvas that will be revealed at a later date. Yay multicolor work! But in the meanwhile I’d like to present to you… duh duh duh dunnnn… THE BURNING QUESTION JAR!

This little ritual I’ve started has been EXTREMELY therapeutic for me as I have many weighty questions burning inside me! So I decided to ask the universe for help and satisfy my inner pyro!

How does one do this? It’s quite simple! Write the question you want answered most and write it on a scrap of paper. Take it, the jar, and something to light it on fire with outside before bed (Don’t want to start any house fires!!!). Light the paper on fire, put it in the jar right at the point before you could be burned and let it burn to ash. You may have to relight it… I’ve used multiple matches in one night. Once that’s good and ashy, release the ashes into the night! Do this every night with the SAME QUESTION until you figure it out! The universe will guide you!

Video to follow… I had one but my camera died while I was filming. Will charge that sucker up and film it again. Ha ha.

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